Earth Inspired Smudge Incense – Lemon Grass



Earth-Inspired Smudge Incense Sticks, a captivating fusion of nature's finest elements, handcrafted to elevate the spiritual and sensory experience.   

They are handcrafted using only the purest natural ingredients. We've blended fragrant herbs, such as rosemary or lemongrass, with essential oils to create a symphony of scents that transport your customers to the heart of untouched, pristine landscapes. These Incense Sticks are organic and have not been tested on animals.

Energize your senses with the vibrant Earth energy of Lemongrass-Inspired Smudge Incense. The zesty, citrusy scent of lemongrass awakens your spirit, bringing a refreshing burst of vitality. As you burn this incense, feel the invigorating qualities of lemongrass infuse your surroundings, promoting clarity, focus, and a renewed connection to the Earth's vibrancy.

Each pack contains approx. 9 incense sticks.

Elevate your spiritual journey and experience the magic of Earth's elements.

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