Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl – 21cm – 7 Chakra & Flower of Life


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Embark on a spiritual journey of profound significance and holistic well-being with our Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl – 7 Chakras & Flower of Life. Crafted in the sacred Tibetan style, this bowl features the sacred symbols, offering a gateway to inner balance, spiritual alignment, and enlightenment. 

Handcrafted with deep reverence for Tibetan traditions, our Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl is a testament to centuries of spiritual wisdom and insight. It reflects the sacred artistry and dedication of Tibetan artisans. 

This bowl is adorned with a meticulously engraved representation of the 7 Chakras and the sacred Flower of Life. These symbols enhance the meditation and healing practices, helping to balance the energy centres and connect with the universal life force. 

With a 21cm diameter, this bowl is an ideal size for meditation, sound healing, and spiritual rituals. It serves as a powerful instrument for practitioners and seekers alike, facilitating a deeper connection to the Chakras and the universal energy. 

Searching for a meaningful and spiritually resonant gift? Our Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl, featuring the 7 Chakras and the Flower of Life, is a thoughtful choice for individuals on a journey of self-discovery, meditation, and holistic well-being. 

Embark on a transformative odyssey and welcome the universal life force of the Chakras and the Flower of Life into your store today.

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