Pack of 10 Masala Backflow Incense – Coconut & Mango


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Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with our Aromatika Masala Backflow Incense – Coconut and Mango. Each hexagon-shaped box contains 10 backflow incense cones, offering your customers a delightful and exotic sensory experience.

Our backflow incense cones combine the sweet essence of mango with the creamy allure of coconut. This unique fusion creates an exotic and delightful aroma that evokes thoughts of a tropical escape.

Use this backflow incense for relaxation, meditation, or to evoke the essence of an exotic getaway. Aromatika Masala Backflow Incense – Coconut & Mango are designed to produce a captivating waterfall effect when used with a compatible backflow incense burner.

Order now to enrich your selection of aromatic products and offer your customers an exotic and delightful sensory journey.

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