Banjara Tree Resin – Frankincense


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Indulge your customers with exquisite Banjara Tree Resin – Frankincense, an aromatic treasure sourced from India, renowned for its captivating fragrance. Not only that but they smell amazing, the smoky scent is wonderfully evocative and calming. 

Each resin piece is handcrafted, encapsulating the rich cultural heritage of India.  

Instructions: Place the lit charcoal in a basin or caldron. Hold off until the charcoal warms up and ignites. Add Banjara resin; and breathe in the blissful aromas.  

Order today to add an authentic touch of India to your store.

Caution : Never leave an incense fire unattended. Burn the incense on a fire-resistant surface or in a bowl. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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