42g Jumbo Golden Nag – Meditation Backflow Incense Cones


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Jumbo Golden Nag – Meditation Back Flow Incense Cones, where aromatic harmony meets captivating visual allure. Immerse yourself in the serene essence of Meditation, a fragrance carefully crafted to evoke tranquillity and contemplative calm.

Elevate your surroundings with the soothing aroma of Meditation as each cone releases its aromatic symphony into the air. The gentle and meditative notes create an ambience conducive to introspection, making these incense cones a perfect companion for your mindfulness practices, relaxation rituals, or simply enhancing your space with a serene atmosphere.

What truly sets these back-flow incense cones apart is their ability to transcend the aromatic experience and offer a mesmerizing visual display. Engineered for a backflow effect, each cone creates an elegant cascade of smoke, transforming your environment into a haven of visual enchantment.

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