Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set – Tree of Life


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Create a sanctuary of serenity with our Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set, adorned with the sacred Tree of Life design. This exquisite set not only fills your store with captivating fragrances but also adds a touch of spiritual elegance.

The Tree of Life symbolizes growth, connection, and the interwoven nature of all living things. This set features the Tree of Life design on the holder, reminding us of the sacred bond between all living beings.

Each set includes 10 aromatic ropes, hand-rolled with the purest natural ingredients. Infuse your surroundings with a gentle, soothing aroma that promotes relaxation and spiritual connection.

The silver-plated holder, adorned with the Tree of Life, is not only a functional piece to burn the incense safely but also a decorative addition to your customers' space. It's a beautiful way to pay homage to the spiritual traditions of the Himalayas.

Our Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set – Tree of Life is designed to meet your retail needs. Whether you're stocking a boutique, a yoga studio, or a holistic shop, this set adds a touch of elegance and spirituality to your offerings.

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