Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set – Pancha Buddha


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Embark on a sacred journey towards enlightenment with our Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set with Pancha Buddha design. This set is a doorway to spiritual awakening and an invitation to align with the wisdom of the Five Buddhas. 

The Pancha Buddha, or the Five Buddhas, symbolize the five wisdoms and qualities – compassion, wisdom, power, love, and purity. The set showcases the Pancha Buddha design on the silver-plated holder, inviting the energies of these enlightened beings into your space. 

Each set includes 10 aromatic ropes, hand-rolled with the purest natural ingredients. Immerse your surroundings in a fragrant journey that encourages meditation, mindfulness, and the path to spiritual awakening. The silver-plated holder is both functional and decorative. It provides a safe and respectful space to burn incense while adding an element of spiritual grace to your surroundings.

Our Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set – Pancha Buddha is designed for retailers seeking to offer their customers a unique blend of aesthetics and spiritual depth. Whether you operate a boutique, yoga studio, or holistic shop, this set is a valuable addition to your product selection.

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