Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set – Astamangal


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Invite divine blessings into your store with our Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set – Astamangal. Inspired by the sacred Astamangal symbols, this set is a testament to spiritual harmony and auspiciousness.

Astamangal symbols are eight auspicious signs in Hindu and Buddhist traditions, representing prosperity, longevity, and good fortune. Adorned on the silver-plated holder, these symbols bring divine energy and blessings to your home or sacred space.

Each set includes 10 aromatic ropes, expertly hand-rolled using the finest natural ingredients. Immerse your surroundings in a fragrant blend that promotes peace, serenity, and spiritual connection. The silver-plated holder serves as a functional and decorative piece. Safely burn your incense while appreciating the intricate design that adds an aura of spirituality and elegance to your space.

Our Rope Incense and Silver Plated Holder Set – Astamangal is perfect for retailers looking to offer customers a unique blend of cultural richness and spiritual significance. Whether you own a boutique, yoga studio, or holistic store, this set is a meaningful addition to your offerings.

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