Pack of 10 Masala Backflow Incense – Aloe Vera


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Refresh and invigorate your space with our Aromatika Masala Backflow Incense – Aloe Vera. Each hexagon-shaped box contains 10 backflow incense cones, offering you a rejuvenating and tranquil sensory experience.

Our backflow incense cones capture the pure and revitalizing scent of aloe vera. This fragrance is known for its ability to create a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere, enhancing overall well-being.

These cones are designed to produce a captivating waterfall effect when used with a compatible backflow incense burner. Your customers can use them for relaxation, meditation, or simply to create a revitalizing ambiance. Breathe in the essence of nature's renewal.

Order now to enrich your selection of aromatic products and offer your customers a refreshing and revitalizing experience.

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