Heafty Brown Tan Book – Zinc Triple Moon Decor – 200 Deckle Edges Pages – 26x18cm


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Are you looking for a unique and beautiful journal for your product range? Look no further than this stunning Triple Moon Journal! This captivating notebook features a decorative zinc triple moon symbol on the cover, a well-known symbol in many cultures representing the maiden, mother, and crone phases of the moon.

With 200 deckle-edged pages, this journal provides plenty of space for you to record your customers' thoughts, dreams, and experiences as they relate to the cycles of the moon. The thick cover protects the pages inside, while the binding ensures that the journal will lay flat when opened – ideal for comfortable writing.

The Hefty Brown Tan Book with Zinc Triple Moon Decor would make a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in astrology, Wicca, paganism, or the phases of the moon.

Stock up on this captivating design today! The high-quality materials, ample writing space, and symbolic design are sure to resonate with your customers.

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