Hand Beaten & Engraved Singing Bowl Gift Set – 14cm – Lotus Flower


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Hand Beaten and Engraved Singing Bowl Gift Set makes a great addition to your collection. Crafted with attention to detail and embellished with intricate designs, this set comprises a 14cm singing bowl, a mallet, a plush cushion, and an elegant pouch. 

This curated set is designed to provide a comprehensive and spiritually enriching experience for your clientele, making it the perfect choice if you aim to offer unique and spiritually uplifting products.

The lotus flower holds profound significance in various spiritual traditions, especially within Buddhism, where it represents purity and enlightenment. Its journey from the murky depths to the water's surface symbolises the transformation from ignorance to spiritual awakening. Meditating with this singing bowl can evoke feelings of purity and facilitate spiritual growth.

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