Extra Large Drama Dreancatcher – Vivid Rainbow


Bamboo, Cotton

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Taking the humble dreamcatcher to the next level. Inspired by the temple umbrella of Bali known as payung. Each temple has its own umbrella to trap evil spirits and attract good spirits. Different styles are used for different ceremonies. Temple umbrellas are an important part of everyday life in Bali. 

Our dreamcatchers have been carefully crafted by talented artisans in Indonesia. The best place to hang them is by the window or on the wall of the bedroom. After all, the role of a dream catcher is to stop bad dreams. These dramatic dreamcatcher creations will add a truly exotic touch to your home.


Length without handle – approx. 110cm

Length with handle – approx. 140cm

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Weight 0.61 kg
Dimensions 0.61 cm


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